Friday, October 1, 2010

Moving and on the move...

Wednesday was moving day. My belongings now reside in a 10' x 15' storage locker and won't see the light of day for about 800 days. Quite amazing that 1500 sq ft collapses down to 150 sq ft - does that mean I lived with a lot of empty space in my life? I really thought it would be sad or nostalgic to see the house empty after living there for 8 years, and suppose that would be the case if I were being evicted or moving under some duress; luckily , it is not. The decision to move is mine and I happily own it. I've turned over keys to the new tenant and really couldn't be more comfortable to have this part of the adventure come to a conclusion.

It has been a lot of task management this past couple of months and I now get on to the next chapter, the main course, the real deal...and the reason for doing this blog. What is it like to be a Peace Corps volunteer living, teaching, laughing and learning in Tonga?

After a brief stop in LA, we'll begin to find out the answer to that.