Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dear Tonga, Ready When You Are

I haven't posted in a month as it's been very busy and all about preparedness.  Nothing exciting or insightful. But, we are now down to 2 weeks before departure to LA and it's all about excitement, nerves and a great deal of anticipation for the journey.  I've been in contact with some of the current volunteers and THANK YOU for your very helpful information.  There are more questions I could ask but experiencing the unknown is what leads me to learning, memories and fireside tales.

Bags are packed (3 times at last count) and hopefully with some sense of organization.  Household is boxed except for those daily use items.  I have a very nice renter who is excited about moving in and I know she will take great care of my home.  Lola, The Calico Panther, otherwise known as the cat, has moved to her new home and I thought I was prepared for that event - yeah, right.  There's the obvious reason of not having her here, but the greater realization that all this is really, and finally, happening.  The next big event will be moving day and cleaning up - may the house Qi keep you happy, Sharon.

Countdown wouldn't be complete without some partying and enjoying time with extended family, friends, food and fun.  My twisted sisters from St. Croix and California are in Vegas this coming week, friends from No. Carolina are moving back to Vegas the following week and my neighbors are hosting a farewell party with Vegas buddies and other neighbors.  For a final out with the old, in with the new celebration, I'll be met in LA by my colleague, travel buddy, friend and mentor.  Thanks mijo!

Soon I'll walk through my front door, bags and backpack in tow.  Going far?  Nope, just across the street to stay with my neighbors for a few days on the road to LA - one stop at a time.

Pause for commercial:
I will be doing the Peace Corps Correspondence Match program.  One teams up with a school class for a pen-pal arrangement to learn of my first hand experiences and the teacher receives teaching aids, curriculum,  etc. to reinforce the Peace Corps mission of Americans' understanding of other peoples and cultures.  I am excited to meet one of my classes next week @ Whitney School in Las Vegas.  Can't wait to hear what a class of 4th graders are curious about learning of Tonga. I'm also teaming up with a class of 1st and 2nd graders in Ann Arbor, MI.  Fortune was with me a couple of months ago and I made friends (again) with Tracey.  I say again, as I'm sure we have a previous life history and this time she is sharing her class at Ann Arbor Open @ Mack.  How cool to have a class in Ann Arbor where the Peace Corps was 'born' 50 years ago.  You just can't ignore those signals!  Thanks to both classes for the opportunity.  If you know a teacher, please spread the word.
We now return you to our regular programming.


  1. I am so fortunate, David, that we 're' connected. I, too, think we share a past. Excited for you and for my class to know you and Tonga virtually. Thanks for the latest update. xox

  2. David,
    Can't wait for messages from Tonga