Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fafabulous Holidays.

One day, an old man went to the sea.
He'd always dreamt of a holiday Fafa away.  

So, he got on this

To go here

He stayed in this

and showered here

after spending the day here

with occasional breaks for one of these

He ate a lot of good things

Grilled red snapper with taro fries

He received a beautiful Christmas Eve present

He enjoyed some of this

And a fair amount of this

He was entertained by fire torches

and Tongan fireworks.  

And, all was good in that land fafa away.



  1. What a wonderful way to send a New Years wish!
    In return, I wish you "Среќна Нова Година!"
    I have been reading your blog because I. too, am ahead of the age curve in the PC. Your blog sometimes causes me to have feelings of envy regarding site assignments. I am serving in Macedonia. It is a gem of a country with a wonderful culture. So, I reflect and realize that we both have a lot to be thankful for as we serve in the Peace Corps.
    Best wishes for your future endeavors.

    1. Lew - thanks for following along. The Tonga site was a complete surprise as I had been nominated for Eastern Europe. As we know, expect the unexpected. No matter where we end up in service, it's all about enjoying the country, the people and the experience. Best wishes to you also. You think about doing Response service or another assignment?