Friday, August 27, 2010

MK Squared: 2 Ways to Rock out in Tongan Style

MK Squared: 2 Ways to Rock out in Tongan Style


  1. Thanks! It was just something to keep me inspired throughout a busy week, so I'm glad it inspired other people as well!
    We are all looking forward to meeting your new group in October. To what job function did you get invited?


  2. My niece wants a tee shirt with Tongan words - specifically fakamolemole. Maybe a project I could do at some point as part of a school initiative - I'm going to be a business teacher (acctg and Econ). Can't wait and look forward to meeting you both.

  3. I love it! She'll wear the shirt past a tongan community and they'll say "....what?"
    Another good one would be "mata faka'ofo'ofa"

    - Elena

  4. Hi David,

    So sorry to post this as a comment. Faced with a lack of email address, I apologize for commenting something that should be emailed.

    I was wondering if you might be able to do me a big favor. I want to order a travel guitar to play in Tonga, and need some way to get it in to the country (shipping it here is impossible). It's only 7.2 pounds, but unfortunately it is bulky, although not as bad as a full-size guitar. So I was wondering, if there's any chance you have extra space in your luggage, is there any way you might be willing to bring it here, if I have it shipped to you?

    Please feel free to say "no," I definitely appreciate how stressful it is to figure out what to pack. I ask because a large handful of people in our group and the last group were actually underweight for their luggage, so if you think you might be, I would be eternally grateful. But like I said, if you think you won't have room or extra weight, or just are too stressed to deal with the hassle, I will ask someone else from the incoming group, no problem.

    I hope your Tonga preparations are going well,


  5. Oh my, I'd love to do that but I am fighting to keep within weight limits as it is. I have one bag and backpack for carryon - are they strict w/ 2 pieces? I'd hate to have to get there and they say no. Let me know if someone else has room or if we need to go to plan C. Emaili is