Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tale of the Enchanted Postcard

Remember how in The Chronicles of Narnia the kids discovered the wardrobe, got inside and suddenly found themselves transported to Narnia?  They really were just being kids playing hide and seek and the next thing you know they were faced with the reality of their destiny. Great fun to read, fantasize about and rent on a DVD, but fiction, nevertheless, you say.  I always thought so myself, until...

I retired in 2004 and for a few years was like a kid playing hide and seek, enjoying my hard-earned and greatly-appreciated life of doing whatever I damn well pleased.   About two years ago, I knew this wasn't reality and I needed something to give a bit more meaning to my life.  You know, just one of those thoughts one has and then goes back to hide and seek.  On a 'nothing was special about it' kind of day I got the day's mail and had a postcard from the Peace Corps informing me of a recruiting meeting at a local library.  What struck me was the banner of "Life is calling.  How far will you go?"  Well, I didn't have far to go to get to the library on the appointed day.  I am now convinced that postcard was enchanted like a professor's wardrobe.  It had to have been embedded with some kind of powerful magic as now I find myself cleaning out drawers, closets and cabinets, trying to rent my sanctuary to strangers and packing duffels bags with heretofore unowned objects like a headlamp, cranking/solar powered radio/flashlight/USB charger combo device, travel hammock and microfiber towels.  I really am very fortunate.  The kids in the story had no time to prepare.  At least I have a packing list from the Peace Corps.  in about 6 weeks I leave for The Kingdom of Tonga and a rendezvous with my destiny.

 I'm so glad I heeded that enchanted postcard.  Check your mailbox daily.

Learn.  Grow.  Laugh.


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